Eugene Woodbury

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Peaks Island Press publishes the novels written by the brother and sister team of Eugene and Katherine Woodbury. The Kindle versions are compiled from hand-coded XHTML and published region-free and DRM-free. The ePub versions for Apple and Kobo are distributed via Smashwords.

The ebooks are priced at $2.99 or less.

Aubrey by Katherine Woodbury

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Budding debutante Aubrey St. Clair was merrily making her way up the social ladder of high society. Then somebody went and turned her into a cat. She is rescued by a "slum magician," except he would happily vivisect her in order to reveal her secrets. To stay alive, Aubrey will have to figure out how to stay human. Or perhaps becoming fully human is the last thing she really wants.

Fox & Wolf by Eugene Woodbury

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Ami Tokudaiji is a kitsune (a Japanese werefox) from an aristocratic family whose fortunes are threatened by a financial scandal. Yuki Yamakawa is a werewolf from the wrong side of the tracks. When they end up in the same homeroom class at Osaka's most exclusive girl's school, Yuki is determined to make Ami her new best friend--if they don't kill each other in the process.

The Gentleman and the Rake by Katherine Woodbury

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This revised omnibus edition of Mr. B Speaks! and A Man of Few Words first takes a lighthearted look at the critical events in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice from the perspective of Fitzwilliam Darcy. Then Mr. B, the redeemed rake of Samuel Richardson's scandalous Pamela, gets to tell his side of the story. A lively romp through the roots of the modern romance novel!

A Man of Few Words by Katherine Woodbury

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Adaptations and explorations of Jane Austen's most beloved and well-known work have too often transformed Fitzwilliam Darcy into the stereotypical alpha male of Regency romances. In order to correct that popular misunderstanding, Darcy now offers within the pages of this novella a more "balanced" view of the relationship between himself and Elizabeth Bennet.

Mr. B Speaks! by Katherine Woodbury

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Did Mr. B, the famously redeemed rake of English letters, romance his great love or abuse her? In a world where characters from novels can be put on trial for their literary crimes, Mr. B must defend his actions before skeptical scholars and an unsentimental judge. Can he salvage his good name and win back his wife? Step into the courtroom and examine the evidence for yourself!

The Path of Dreams by Eugene Woodbury

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Although they've seen each other only once, Elaine Chieko Packard and Connor McKenzie have been haunted ever since by passionate dreams they cannot control. They determine to resolve the tensions between the moral strictures of their religion and their own overpowering emotions by eloping, a decision that triggers an unexpected series of events.

Persuadable by Katherine Woodbury

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This unique take on Jane Austen's Persuasion records the major events of the novel from the perspective of the novel's nemeses: the scheming Mrs. Clay and the wily Mr. Elliot. Exploring their uneven path to love, Persuadable challenges assumptions about class, money, and marriage that still persist two hundred years later. Who says a couple of gold diggers can't find true love?

Serpent of Time by Eugene Woodbury

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Ryô is the last princess of Japan's doomed Southern Court. When a revolt against the shogun fails, she flees with Sen, her loyal lady-in-waiting. Atop sacred Mt. Kôya, Sen's uncle summons Kala Sarpa, the Serpent of Time, and transports Ryô to the present day. But the serpent harbors a grudge of its own against her family, forcing Ryô to travel back to the past to save her future.

Tokyo South by Eugene Woodbury

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In this largely autobiographical account of the author's two-year proselyting mission to Japan during the late 1970s, a Mormon missionary confronts an overzealous religious bureaucracy and his own growing doubts as the work of preaching the gospel is turned into a cynical game of numbers and spiritual one-upmanship.

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