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The Twelve Kingdoms

The ePub and Kindle (mobi) files for The Shore in Twilight and Dreaming of Paradise were first created by Matthew Johnson. I've edited, revised, and republished Shadow of the Moon and A Thousand Leagues of Wind. The online web pages have also been updated as indicated.

These files can be read using Kindle apps and ePub readers such as EPUBReader and Adobe Digital Editions. See these instructions for sideloading ePub files onto an iPad or iPhone.

Shadow of the Moon

ePub file (last updated: 07/27/2016)

Kindle file (last updated: 07/27/2016)

RTF file (last updated: 07/27/2016)

A Thousand Leagues of Wind

ePub file (last updated: 08/04/2014)

Kindle file (last updated: 08/04/2014)

RTF file (last updated: 08/29/2013)

The Shore in Twilight

ePub file (last updated: 07/25/2016)

Kindle file (last updated: 07/25/2016)

RTF file (last updated: 07/25/2016)

Dreaming of Paradise

ePub file (last updated: 11/22/2014)

Kindle file (last updated: 11/22/2014)

RTF file (last updated: 07/22/2014)

The Wings of Dreams

ePub file (last updated: 04/23/2016)

Kindle file (last updated: 04/23/2016)

RTF file (last updated: 04/23/2016)

Poseidon of the East

ePub file (last updated: 07/27/2016)

Kindle file (last updated: 07/27/2016)

RTF file (last updated: 04/25/2015)

The Spare Bookshelf


Richard continues the story of the St. Clair family that begins in Aubrey. The series takes place in Roesia, a Victorian world where magic is real and spells and potions are the focus of academic study. More about the novel here.

ePub file

Kindle file

Rainbow Valley

Rainbow Valley is the standout in L.M. Montgomery's post-Green Gables books (see my review here). These files are reformatted versions based on the Project Gutenberg source material (which is also where I downloaded Heretics).

ePub file

Kindle file


Currently best known for his Father Brown mysteries, in his era G.K. Chesterton was a renowned social critic and Christian apologist. Like C.S. Lewis, who would follow in his philosophical footsteps, he remains highly readable today.

ePub file

Kindle file


This is the original Japanese version of Natsume Soseki's classic 1914 novel, that I am slowly working my way through. I got the ePub from the Book Walker public domain libary, which I used to compile a Kindle version.

The furigana display correctly in Adobe Digital Editions and EPUBReader, and Kindle for PC. You can install bilingual dictionaries on Kindle for PC.

ePub file

Kindle file

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