Fox & Wolf


Yuki Yamakawa comes from a well-connected yakuza family. But she loves training dogs and beating up bullies for a far more secret reason: she's a werewolf.

After one fight too many, Yuki's uncle sends her to the strictest, most exclusive girl's school in Osaka. That's where she meets her exact opposite, Ami Tokudaiji.

Ami is as high in society as Yuki is low. But with her family threatened by financial scandals, the future of the Tokudaiji fortune depends on Ami's mother breaking the law.

Then Yuki's estranged father returns to Osaka to launch a criminal investigation. As it turns out, on her father's side, Yuki's blood runs bluer than any of her aristocratic classmates.

But that long-hidden family connection pales in comparison to the most fantastic fact of all: Ami is a kitsune, a Japanese werefox, and doesn't even know it.

When Yuki and Ami end up together in the same homeroom class at Osaka's most exclusive girl's school, they're going to figure out how to become best friends or kill each other trying.

Book details

Fox & Wolf is available from Amazon as a trade paperback and a Kindle ebook. Smashwords sells the DRM-free ePub version. See the sidebar for links to the Nook, Apple, Sony, and Kobo editions.

In the novel, family names follow Western convention, with the surname given last.

The author

Eugene Woodbury graduated from Brigham Young University with degrees in Japanese and TESOL. He has twice been a Utah Original Writing Competition finalist and is a recipient of the Sunstone Foundation Moonstone Award for short fiction. He lives in Orem, Utah, where he works as a free-lance writer and translator.

Fox & Wolf was edited by Katherine Woodbury. Don't miss Lord Simon, the latest installment in the Roesia Chronicles.

Copyright Eugene Woodbury. All rights reserved.