September 25, 2005

Prologue 3 (A Thousand Leagues of Wind)

To recap, Gyouten is the capital city of the Kingdom of Kei.

The Rishi (里祠) is the sacred building in the center of every city where the riboku tree (里木) is enshrined. See chapter 53 of Shadow of the Moon.

龍旗 [りゅうき] Ryuuki (dragon flag), flag flown when a king is chosen by the kirin.
王旗 [おうき] Ouki (imperial standard), flag flown when a king accends the throne.
赤子 [せきし] Sekishi, lit. the "Red Child," the era name of the Royal Kei Youko.

雲海 [うんかい] Sea of Clouds
瑞雲 [ずいうん] Zui-un, lit. auspicious clouds"
蘭玉 [らんぎょく] Rangyoku
桂桂 [けいけい] Keikei
蓬山 [ほうざん] Mt. Hou, not to be confused with the Kingdom of Hou (芳)
華山 [かざん] Mt. Ka
碧霞玄君玉葉 [へきかげんくんぎょくよう] Hekika Genkun Gyokuyou
西王母 [せいおうぼ] Seioubo
舒覚 [じょかく] Jokaku
崇山 [すうさん] Mt. Suu
天帝 [てんてい] Tentei
瑛州 [えいしゅう] Ei Province
里祠 [りし] Rishi
尭天 [ぎょうてん] Gyouten
凌雲 [りょううん] Ryou'un
金波宮 [きんぱきゅう] Kinpa Palace
玄武 [げんぶ] Genbu
冢宰 [ちょうさい] Chousai
懐達 [かいたつ] nostalgia (懐) for King Tatsu (達)

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