November 06, 2005

Chapter 10 (A Thousand Leagues of Wind)

On the subject of winter . . . although it straddles the 37th parallel, the same latitude as the state of Virginia, Japan's Hokuriku region has some of the heaviest snowfall on earth. Known as the "snow country," arctic winds blowing south out of Siberia pick up moisture crossing the Japan Sea and release their precipitation on the western slopes of the Japan Alps. Snowpacks in some areas can reach a dozen meters or more, leading to ingenious technologies in snow removal.

新道 [しんどう] Shindou
朱旗 [しゅせい] Red Banner

From Chapter 9

芥沾洞 [かいせんどう] Kaisen Grotto
臥山 [がざん] Mt. Ga

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