November 11, 2005

Godzilla, Gamera, and now Jellyfish!!!

This photo is not a special effect:

Huge Echizen jellyfish, which can weigh up to 200 kilograms [440 lbs.] and have an umbrella measuring two meters across, have been causing serious damage to the fishing industry off Japan's east coast.

Hmm, so maybe Godzilla and Gamera are really documentaries, after all! Giant jellyfish . . . giant, fire-breathing lizard, giant, fire-breathing, rocket-powered sea turtle . . . hey, makes sense to me! I mean, "they have poisonous tentacles."

Tentacles! Of course it would show up in Japan!!

I mean, Mothra's a lousy moth, for crying out loud. What's so terrifying about that? It's obviously part of the same giant-sea-creature-enabling, nuclear-powered ecosystem. Yet another government conspiracy has been exposed.

The SDF will mobilize shortly, followed by the massive wreckage of a large Japanese city to be named later.

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