December 11, 2005

Chapter 19 (A Thousand Leagues of Wind)

大司寇 [だいしこう] Daishikou, head of the Ministry of Fall
胎果 [たいか] taika, lit. "fruit of the womb," a person whose "parents" are from the Twelve Kingdoms but is born in China or Japan. How this happens is explained in chapter 50 of Shadow of the Moon.
太師 [たいし] Taishi, lit. "big (as in "fat") teacher" (Lord Privy Seal); in medieval China, the Taishi was also responsible for the education of the prince royal.
太傅 [たいふ] Taifu, lit. "big tutor" (Minister of the Left)
太保 [たいほ] Taiho, lit. "big protector" (Minister of the Right)

The convoluted history of Koukan, ex-Province Lord of Baku, is detailed in chapter 7.

This chapter reminded me of an old Peanuts strip in which Peppermint Patty (I believe) says to Charlie Brown, "Quit hassling me with your sighs, Chuck."

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