December 25, 2005

Chapter 24 (A Thousand Leagues of Wind)

字 [あざな] azana, an informal nickname adopted as a child (小字), or a formal nickname given by one's parents. For example, "Shoukei" is a "formal" azana. Her given name is Shou, which she never uses in public. "Keikei" is a child's nickname (小字).

数え年 [かぞえどし] kazoe-doshi, lit. "counting years"; the old manner of reckoning one's age, newborns being considered a year old, with everyone adding one year to their age at the New Year.

柳国 [りゅうこく] Kingdom of Ryuu (lit. "willow")
和州 [わしゅう] Wa Province
拓峰 [たくほう] Takuhou
蘇 [そ] So, Rangyoku's family name

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