April 15, 2006

Part 15 (A Thousand Leagues of Wind)

Chapter 58

労蕃生 [ろうはんせい] Rou Hansei
琅耶 [ろうや] Rouya, prefecture of Wa Province

Chapter 57

柴望 [さいぼう] Saibou
豊鶴 [ほうかく] Houkaku

The banner in Kantai's parlor is called a tsuiren (対聯). The scroll or kakejiku (掛け軸) typically contains decorative artwork illustrating a poem.

Chapter 56

水鑑刀 [すいかんとう] Suikan-tou, water-smelted sword
水禺刀 [すいぐうとう] Suiguu-tou, water-monkey sword

Chapter 55

芥瑚 [かいこ] Kaiko

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