July 09, 2006

Part 18 (A Thousand Leagues of Wind)

Chapter 71

陽子 [ようこ] Youko or Youshi
太陽 [たいよう] sun (taiyou)
子孫 [しそん] descendant (shison)

Ko (子), meaning "child," is the most common suffix in Japanese girl's names. The most common usage is "kodomo" (子供), or "children."

I just made a minor but global correction to both Shadow of the Moon and A Thousand Leagues of Wind. The first time I wrote out Kinpa Palace (金波宮), I misread the handaku-ten (半濁点) for a daku-ten (濁点), rendering Kinpa (ぱ) as Kinba (ば), and never revisited it until now. Hey, and those furigana are tiny, and that was before I got bifocals!

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