August 01, 2006

The Path of Dreams

The Path of Dreams is a theological comedy of manners arising out of the traditional Japanese practice of the arranged marriage. The matchmakers in this case are an Osaka samurai academic and a Scottish Mormon polygamist. The union these two 19th century raconteurs plot for their 21st century great-great grandchildren--Elaine Chieko Packard and Connor McKenzie--is one their descendants could never have anticipated, for this o-miai exists only on "the path of dreams."

Extended excerpts from the novel, an illustrated glossary, a map of the BYU campus, a discussion about the Song of Solomon and the poems of Ono no Komachi can be found at the website.

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# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
8/12/2006 8:09 PM   
Hey!!! I'm interested in reading your book... Will it be released internationally? Say... In southeast asia (philippines)? Hope so...
Thanks... and good luck on your book launch...:)
# posted by Blogger Eugene
8/13/2006 8:07 AM   
Thanks for your interest! The book can be ordered (internationally) through Amazon, and should be available to any bookseller with access to a wholesaler like Ingrams or Baker & Taylor. On Monday (8/14 MDT), the ebook will also go on sale. Check back here for links and additional information.