May 20, 2007

Prologue (The Shore in Twilight)

The term "ley line" (which only dates to the 1920s) is very close to the original Japanese.

The mingling of amateur archaeology with Chinese spiritual concepts of land-forms led to many new theories about the alignments of monuments and natural landscape features. Writers made use of Watkins' terminology in service of concepts related to dowsing and New Age beliefs, including the ideas that ley lines have spiritual power or resonate a special psychic or mystical energy.

A "dragon hole" is more commonly known in Japan as a "power spot." Dragon holes are linked up by ley lines or "dragon lines."

載国  [たいこく] Kingdom of Tai
鴻基  [こうき] Kouki (wild goose + foundation)
白圭宮 [はっけいきゅう] Hakkei Palace (white square jewel)
仁重殿 [じんじゅうでん] Jinjuu Manor (virtue + weight)
広徳殿 [こうとくでん] Koutoku Manor (spacious benevolence)
泰麒  [たいき] Taiki (peace + unicorn)
瑞州  [ずいしゅう] Zui Province (auspicious)
文州  [ぶんしゅう] Bun Province (literary)
驍宗  [ぎょうそう] Gyousou (strong horse + sect)
汕子  [さんし] Sanshi (net fishing + child)
傲濫  [ごうらん] Gouran (proud + overflowing)

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