June 10, 2007

Chapter 3 (The Shore in Twilight)

The duties of the Hakuchi are described in chapter two of A Thousand Leagues of Wind.

長楽殿 [ちょうらくでん] Chouraku-den (long + comfort + palace)
花殿 [かでん] Ka-den (flower + palace)
白雉 [はくち] Hakuchi

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# posted by Blogger BlckKnght
6/12/2007 7:24 PM   
In the spirit of making corrections, I noticed that the second sentence on page 40 seems to be trying to say something different. Is "multiple" supposed to be "multiply"?

Also, while blog corrections are probably not as important as translation corrections, this blog entry should be titled Chapter 3 :-)
# posted by Blogger Eugene
6/13/2007 10:09 AM   
Thanks. Corrections made.