July 04, 2007


The two dictionaries I use the most are WWWJDIC (as implemented in JWPce) and EIJIROU. Both are the product of collaborative efforts. Anybody can submit entries to EDICT; EIJIROU is hosted by ALC and maintained by the Electronic Dictionary Project. Both databases are available online free, and in a number of desktop apps and handheld devices.

The EIJIROU database is downloadable for a nominal fee, except that the order pages are in Japanese and you have to have a Japanese address to process the order.

Peter Rivard at Japanese Language Tools will process the order (PayPal works fine--just select Japanese Yen). For another 1000 yen he'll convert the EIJIROU files to the EPWING format, compatible with many desktop and Windows Mobile apps. He includes the EDICT data and latest version of EBWin, a free dictionary reader for Windows.

To order the EIJIROU files for desktop use, go to the Japanese Language Tools order page, scroll down to "Eijiro only (for download)," and click on Eijiro only/EPWING format.

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