July 06, 2008

Chapter 6 (Angel Falling Softly)

As Utah names go, "LaDawn" is not that outrageous. But I didn't want to get too carried away. Utahns do have penchant for unusual bouts of creativity in this department, as this website delights in pointing out.

Sandy is a dozen miles south of Salt Lake City on the "East Side" (east of I-15). Draper is located at the southern end of the valley. It is home to Utah State Prison and Point of the Mountain, a dry penisula that separates the Salt Lake and Utah valleys.

The "bench" is a flat bluff that rings the Salt Lake Valley. It marks the vestigial shoreline of the prehistoric Lake Bonneville, which emptied out 16,800 years ago during the last ice age. The Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake are remnants of Lake Bonneville.

Because of the remarkable view of the valley it provides, bench real estate typically commands a premium.

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