July 26, 2008

Chapters 9 (Winter Splendor)

雨潦 [うろう] Urou (heavy rain)
路門 [ろもん] Romon (path + gate)
仁重殿 [じんじゅうでん] Jinjuu Manor (virtue + weight)
大行人 [だいこうじん] Daikoujin (big envoy)
路木 [ろぼく] roboku; the riboku located at the heart of the Imperial Palace

Buildings of the Naiden

路寝 [ろしん] Roshin (path + sleep); see chapter 2 of The Shore in Twilight
燕寝  [えんしん] Enshin (swallow + sleep); the palace compounds that make up the Imperial living quarters
後宮 [こうきゅう] Koukyuu ("the palace at the back")
長明宮 [ちょうめいきゅう] Choumei Palace (long light)
梧桐宮 [ごとうきゅう] Godou Palace (parasol tree); the home of the Hakuchi.
嘉永宮 [かえいきゅう] Kaei Palace (esteemed eternity)
福寿殿 [ふくじゅでん] Fukuju Manor (blessing + longevity)

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