September 21, 2008

Chapter 17 (Angel Falling Softly)

Utah's arcane liquor laws dictate that only "club members" may consume alcohol in a bar, which has come to mean that a token "membership" must be purchased along with the drink. The amount of alcohol in each shot is also regulated. In restaurants, food must be ordered with a drink and must be delivered by the server.

Retail purchase of "packaged" liquor, wine, and "heavy beer" (over 3.2 percent) is allowed only at State Liquor Stores.

With an eye on the multi-billion dollar tourism industry, Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. (a devout Mormon) has sided with the hospitality industry's efforts to normalize Utah's liquor laws. He faces a conservative legislature, and a thumbs down from the Mormon church would kill the effort on the spot.

Just this week, the church intimated that it wouldn't object to the laws being revised.

"Polygamy Porter" is the real name of a beer brewed by Wasatch Beers.

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