September 20, 2008

Chapter 4 (Jougetsu)

蒲蘇 [ほそ] Hoso (bulrush + revived)

In Japan, the koseki (戸籍), or local census record, is where all of a person's demographic information is recorded and constantly updated. You don't legally exist without a koseki record.

"Hearing Shoukei referred to in such a familiar manner . . . . " The word here is yobisute (呼び捨て), literally "call" + "throw away." It means addressing a person of elevated status without the accompanying honorific prefix, such as -san or -sama, and suggests either rudeness or intimacy.

The most common way immortal life is bestowed is by having one's name listed in the Registry of Wizards. In chapter 2 of A Thousand Leagues of Wind, Shoukei is punished by having her name removed from the Registry of Wizards.

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