December 06, 2008

Chapter 1 (Dreaming of Paradise)

華胥華朶 [かしょかだ] Kasho Kada ("the resplendent branch of Kasho")
長閑宮 [ちょうかんきゅう] Choukan Palace (long leisure)
揖寧 [ていねい] Yuunei (assembled politeness)
砥尚 [ししょう] Shishou ("esteemed whetstone")
扶王 [ふおう] The Late King Fu (support)
才州国  [さいしゅうこく] The Kingdom of Sai (genius)
采麟揺籃 [さいりんようらん] Sairin Youran

The word kasho (華胥) comes from the legendary Chinese "Yellow Emperor" (黄帝) who dreamed of a utopian "Land of Kasho" (華胥の国). The expression, "To holiday in the kingdom of the people of Kasho," now means "to enjoy a pleasant siesta."

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