December 20, 2008

Chapter 3 (Dreaming of Paradise)

高斗 [こうと] Kouto ("Big Dipper")
栄祝 [えいしゅく] Eishuku (glorious celebration)

昇山 [しょうざん] Shouzan (ascend + mountain); when a dynasty end, the prospective candidates make an arduous journey to Mt. Hou, where they are chosen by the kirin. This is known as the Shouzan. Risai rails against it in chapter 40 of The Shore in Twilight.

The Rishi (里祠) is the sacred building in the center of every city where the riboku tree (里木) is enshrined. See chapter 53 of Shadow of the Moon. Raising the flag over the Rishi indicates the inauguration of a new regime.

The implications of a student "filling his card" are explained in chapter 3 of Pen-pals.

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