January 10, 2009

Chapter 6 (Dreaming of Paradise)

小宰 [しょうさい] Shousai; the vice-minister of the Ministry of Heaven.
大昌 [だいしょう] Daishou (big prosperity)
長明宮 [ちょうめいきゅう] Choumei Palace (long light)
嘉永宮 [かえいきゅう] Kaei Palace (auspicious eternity)
後宮 [こうきゅう] Koukyuu ("the palace at the back")

The Ministry of Summer (夏官) in in charge of defense. The Taisai (太宰) runs the Ministry of Heaven, which is responsible for the operation of the Imperial Palace.

The Sankou (三公)

太師 [たいし] Taishi, lit. "big teacher" (Lord Privy Seal); in medieval China, the Taishi was also responsible for the education of the prince royal.

太傅 [たいふ] Taifu, lit. "big tutor" (Minister of the Left)

太保 [たいほ] Taiho, lit. "big protector" (Minister of the Right); not to be confused with the Taiho (台補), referring to the kirin.

The Sankou shows up in Heian Era anime series such as Otogi Zoshi and movies like Onmyoji, usually pulling the strings behind the throne.

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