November 16, 2009

"Angel" and "Twilight"

Ogden Standard-Examiner editor Doug Gibson analyzes Twilight and Angel Falling Softly from the perspective of Mormon literary culture and theology. He concludes (try to ignore the spoilers if you haven't read my book yet):

Questions of redemption dominate the climax of both tales. In Angel Falling Softly, young Jennifer is clearly a vampire. Rachel's choice will lead, it seems, to her losing her daughter. Milada's decision to help her is as much for having another eternal companion as it is for pity. She's lonely. In fact, Milada sensibly asks Rachel why she worries about Jennifer's death if she knows they will be together after death. In Twilight, Renesmee's birth in Breaking Dawn underscores the big question: If a monster creates life, isn't there a creator for the monsters?

Angel Falling Softly can be read online (free), or purchased as an ebook or paperback.

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