December 23, 2009

"Independence Day" in Japanese

Speaking of Independence Day, over at AJATT, Khatzumoto ripped an MP3 of the Japanese dub of the "St. Independence Day Speech."

The translation and dub are a good fit for Pullman's performance. Just about any Japanese actor who's played the lead or villain in one of NHK's year-long historical dramas has delivered a speech like this (albeit dressed as a samurai warrior). You don't need to understand Japanese to follow the dramatic beats.

Wareware wa kesshite otonashiku shi no yami ni kietari wa shinai!
We [definitely] will not [disappear] quietly into the [darkness of death]!

Wareware wa kesshite tatakawazu shite shi niwa shinai!
We [definitely] will not [die] without a fight!

Minna de ikiru no da!
We're [all] going to [live]! [These two lines are reversed from the English.]

Ikinokoru no da!
We're going to live on!

Kyou, wareware no dokuritsu kinenbi wo iwaou!
Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!

Khatzumoto has a transcription (in Japanese) of the whole speech.

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