April 01, 2010

Red-hot government bureaucrats

Saga Prefecture's recruiting website may well be the grooviest official government website in the world. The Japan Style blog describes its enthusiastic, manga-inspired, tongue-in-cheek approach here.

Along with 「魂」 ("spirit" or "spirited"), the site also uses 「熱血」 ("hot-blooded," "zealous") as an all-purpose prefix. The governor (Yasushi Furukawa) is a man with a sense of humor. ("I'm waiting for you!" he says in bright, red characters.)

The top banner reads: "Sweat and Tears and a Passionate Spirit!! Saga Prefecture's Big Government Employee Recruiting Drive!!"

Below the banner in small characters: If you're a young person burning with enthusiasm and not hemmed in by convention, Saga wants you!!" Above the banner in small characters: "Saga Prefecture's official website! No joke!"

It's not that kind of joke. This page has been up for a while. April 1 is a very serious day in Japan, the beginning of the fiscal (and school) year. Corporations (and schools) hold very serious assemblies on April 1 to welcome new employees (and students).

The more sedate "officially official" Saga Prefecture website is here. The English website is here.

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