August 19, 2010

Born that way

The remarkable thing (for an introvert, at least) about this recent bit of research showing that introverts are biologically "that way" is that anybody ever thought differently.

This is just one more piece of evidence to support the assertion that personality is not merely a psychology concept. [There is a] broader foundation for the behavior that you see, implicating that there are neural bases for different personality types."

Alas, the vast majority of extroverts continue to not only believe that introverts want to be like them, but that they really could be just like them if they only "tried harder."

I couldn't help noticing a derivation of the "Ann Althouse rule" (If it ever seems that men are greater than women, you must look harder until you can perceive that women are greater than men):

The introvert's brain treats interactions with people the same way it treats encounters with other, non-human information [while] human faces, or people in general, hold more significance for extroverts, or are more meaningful for them.

That's right, "people in general" are more "meaningful" to extroverts. In other words, extroverts: good and trustworthy; introverts: weird and scary.

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