November 18, 2010

I Want To Bite

One of my recent yaoi light novel translations has garnered some nice reviews at Amazon, which is always reassuring to see. Both I Want to Bite (I originally stuck a "you" at the end of that) and Better than a Dream are well-constructed novels, following dramatic arcs just as McKee prescribes (which goes to show that storytelling universals are indeed universal).

Though even as I was translating them, I couldn't help musing over the hetero possibilities. Better Than A Dream, in particular, could be tweaked a half dozen different ways, from a steamy Harlequin to a feel-good Hallmark postcard melodrama. And I Want To Bite could easily be turned into a reverse Buffy (she's the vampire). Hasn't anybody done that yet?

Once slash becomes mainstream, isn't the radical thing then to unslash the slash?

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