July 14, 2011

A Man of Few Words

The second edition of Kate's A Man of Few Words is now live on Amazon and Smashwords. Revised and extended! It's twenty percent longer, but thanks to the smoother and tighter narrative, hums along.

This version includes an NCX (Navigation Control for XML). The Kindle versions of Angel Falling Softly, The Path of Dreams, Tokyo South, and Mr. B Speaks! now have NCX files, along with the table of contents page.

On the Kindle, the NCX displays as a pop-up table of contents (as opposed to jumping to the table of contents page), and allows you to skip forward and back from chapter heading to chapter heading.

Though I have to wonder how many Kindle users know how to access it (or would bother using it if they did). The NCX works in the Kindle Previewer, but I haven't seen any support for it yet in Kindle for PC.

Go here for more purchasing information.

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