June 11, 2012

Cloud Girl

As I've observed before, Microsoft's Japan division is well-tuned to the otaku zeitgeist (the employees no doubt being allowed to do what they know best). A good example are the cute mascots Microsoft-Japan creates for its operating systems and services.

Windows 7 got the chirpy "Nanami Madobe" (Nana means "seven," Madobe means "by the window"). Now Microsoft's Cloud Services has recruited Nanami's cousin, "Claudia Madobe," as the "Cloud Girl" mascot for Microsoft's "Azure" cloud services.

Claudia explains in manga format why you should hurry up and get Windows Azure (alas, Japanese only). For a limited time only! Buy Japanese Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional and get your own Claudia doll! (Real otaku call them "figures.")

Though come to think about it, Linux does have that penguin, Mac OS has Steve Jobs, and Microsoft-U.S. has John Hodgman.

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