July 22, 2013

Not a Dry Eye in the House

Meat Loaf is a singer (and actor) with plenty of talent but not tons of range who found his musical niche (thanks to Jim Steinman) and does very well by sticking to it like a magnet. As he explains in this mini documentary, he chooses writers who can write the "goth rock" ballads that define his oeuvre.

Here's a lesser-known Meat Loaf classic by Diane Warren (from the 1995 album Welcome To The Neighborhood), who does a good job channeling Jim Steinman.

There's not a dry eye in the house
After love's curtain comes down
Listen and you'll hear the sound
Hear the sound of a heart breaking
Not a smile left on my face
The ending's just too sad to take
And there's not a dry eye
Not a dry eye in the house

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