November 21, 2013

Damme good

Some action movie stars age better than others, and Jean-Claude Van Damme looks great. His amazing performance makes you forget the trucks are going backwards. Driving a big rig with that kind of precision is an impressive technological feat.

As Russ Roberts puts it on the Cafe Hayek blog:

This stunt with Van Damme advertising Volvo trucks makes me want to buy a Volvo truck and to listen to Enya. I am fighting off the former urge but will indulge the latter.

Van Damme is one of those actors I instantly recognize, but none of his movies spring to mind. Steven Seagal, by comparison, made one memorable movie, Under Siege, which belongs in the action flick pantheon along with Die Hard and Terminator II.

One of Seagal's forgotten films, Into the Sun (2005), was also much better than Ridley Scott's similar but dreadful Black Rain (1989), despite the big Hollywood budget and Michael Douglas and the sadly wasted Ken Takakura sharing the leads.

Unlike Van Damme, Seagal has put on a lot of padding of late. Though I do admire the fact that both of these aging action movie stars (who are actual martial artists in real life) are constantly working, even if everything they do goes straight to cable.

Okay, maybe they're simply trying to maintain the lifestyle to which they've become accustomed. But for whatever reason, a work ethic is a work ethic. Good for them!

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# posted by Anonymous Dan
11/21/2013 8:24 PM   
I was more amazed by the trucks. Lots of guys can do a split (ok not that many of Claude's age) but I have never seen trucks backup that way!