March 03, 2014

Batteries included

Practically everything's rechargeable these days, including things that no one would ever imagine being "rechargeable" a generation or two ago, like books. But sometimes an old-fashioned alkaline battery is just better.

I replaced my old battery-powered beard trimmer with a rechargeable model and soon saw the benefit of batteries. When it runs down, it takes a least an hour to charge it, and it'll run right down again if not charged for at least half a day.

And then there's the plugs, adapters, and wires--that's the problem with laptops too.

So when I wanted to save time and money in the old shaving cream and razor blade routine (the admittedly fantastic Gillette Fusion blades I was using cost a small fortune), I settled on the Philips Norelco PQ208 Travel Electric Razor.

Despite its size and cost, this twelve-dollar unit has a solid--even rugged--heft and feel to it. It has only two heads and no settings other than on and off and yet does the job admirable. But the most amazing thing about it is the battery life.

Granted, I only use it to shave my neck a couple of times a week, and the motor has noticeably slowed in the last two weeks, but after two months I'm still on the original pair of batteries. This is the Energizer Bunny of electric razors.

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