June 26, 2014

Poseidon of the East (25)

As best I can surmise, here are the European equivalents of royalty in the Twelve Kingdoms.

  • 王 (ou) emperor or empress.
  • 公爵 (koushaku) the duke (the Taiho).
  • 公 (kou) a prince of the realm; members of the Sankou: ministers of right, left, and privy seal.
  • 侯 (kou) a province lord or marquis (nine total); may also include the prime minister.
  • 伯 (haku) a count (British earl) or minister.
  • 卿伯 (keihaku) an undersecretary or vice minister.
  • 卿 (kei) a viscount or province minister.
  • 大夫 (daibu) a baron; three subdivisions of baron: upper (上), middle (中), lower (下).
  • 士 (shi) a knight (samurai) or gentleman; three subdivisions of knight: upper (上), middle (中), lower (下).

Atsuyu is referred to as a keihaku (卿伯).

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