January 21, 2016

JWPce (Unicode)

JWPce is my single most used computer app. It's been on every Windows PC I've owned, and is responsible for wearing out the letters "D" and "S" on my ThinkPad keyboard (I map the dictionary to CTRL-D and there's no autosave).

JWPce doesn't do much but what it does do it does quite well. It's a lightweight Japanese text editor integrated with a kanji radical lookup engine and the WWWJDIC bilingual dictionary database.

JWPce was written and had been maintained by Glenn Rosenthal at UCLA. He's since left UCLA for the private sector, and the JWPce web page he'd maintained on the UCLA servers from 1997 to 2005 has been taken down.

Thankfully, Rosenthal made the JWPce source code available under the GNU General Public License. Vladimir Lazunin preserved the code and recompiled it in Unicode. You can download the revamped install package here.

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