July 09, 2017

Prison of Dusk (3)

The cruelties of the legal system in the Kingdom of Hou are documented in A Thousand Leagues of Wind. The Imperial Hou was eventually toppled in a coup.

The growing problems with imperial governance in Ryuu are also discussed in "Kizan." Traveling undercover on a fact-finding mission, Shouryuu meets up with Rikou of Sou, who's there for the same reason.

By now, the Kingdom of Ryuu was renown as a kingdom of law and order. And yet it was hitting the skids. To Rikou, this was an entirely unexpected turn of events.

When he said as much, Fuukan [Shouryuu] tilted his head doubtfully. "Unlike you, I'm surprised the dynasty lasted this long. When Rohou acceded to the throne, he didn't strike anybody as regal material. He'd been a county supervisor and then a governor in the provinces. The locals thought well of him, but not so much that word of his accomplishments ever made it to the capital. Nothing much to set him apart from the next guy."

Fuukan knew Rohou's given name as well, evidence that he moved in the same circles as Rikou.

"Well, you'd expect a man from En to know about such things. You're next door neighbors, after all?"

"I guess so. I swung by shortly after the coronation. A middling choice, was my impression. Like a ship that looked nice sailing out of port but would sink during the first real gale."

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# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
7/10/2017 11:11 AM   
It's an interesting argument, with everyone being reasonable. There are good political reasons both to kill him and not kill him.

From a certain point of view, making a decision based on what is politically expedient, rather than the demands of justice, is wrong. However, it is one of the reasons for a legal system and it's foolish to pretend otherwise.
# posted by Anonymous Lims
7/19/2017 2:14 AM   
Very interesting argument indeed!

Political and societal influence though have no place in such a decision.
Still, they play a very big part and it is understandable why such a dilemma exists.