November 30, 2017


In Japan, not even the manufacturer of precision hand tools can resist the allure of a cute mascot. The hand tool in question should be apparent from the shape of Nipako's hair and ribbons (click the image below to enlarge).

If not, let's look more closely at the etymology of her name. In Japanese, the suffix ko (子) functions somewhat similarly to the /y/ in names like "Debby" and "Betty." But the first two syllables in her name are written in katakana, meaning it has a foreign derivation.

One that's more British than American. Still guessing? See below the fold.

Yes, it's Nipako (ニパ子) and her nippers (nippaa). Nipako (née Serena P. Nippaanu) is the brainchild of a manufacturing company in Niigata that goes by the equally creative and certainly audacious name of "GodHand."

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