December 03, 2017

Weather Vane (4)

After mulling it over for a while, I decided to translate "Fuushin" as "Weather Vane." See my explanation here.

Unlike their cousins the honeybees, the rest of the bumblebee hive does not overwinter with the queen. With no need to stockpile honey, they are not useful as honey producers. However, they are bred for use in agriculture as pollinators.

Although female bumblebees can sting repeatedly, ignore them and they will ignore you.

Of course, bumblebees in our world don't need a yaboku tree to reproduce. As far as that goes, while new plant species come from yaboku trees (as documented in "Blue Orchid"), pollination is a component of sexual reproduction.

This suggests that the flora of the Twelve Kingdoms at least partially follows the biological rules of to our world.

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