November 27, 2021

Hills of Silver Ruins (3/6)

In traditional Chinese culture, it was considered disrespectful for members of the same peer group to address each other by their given names. Instead, they adopted an azana (字) or "courtesy name," basically a formalized nickname.

Another practical reason for using an azana is when individuals share the same surname. In all of China, the 100 most common surnames account for 86 percent of the population.

Gyousou's given name is Boku Sou (朴綜). Asen's given name is Boku Kou (朴高). The second character in Asen's azana (阿選) means "to choose." The rule about emperors and surnames is further explained in chapter 44 of A Thousand Leagues of Wind.

Rumors of Gyousou being a "whirlwind emperor" are discussed in chapter 5 of The Shore in Twilight.

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# posted by Anonymous Courtney
11/29/2021 8:48 AM   
Thank you so much for your hard work in translating this! Always appreciated :) I especially enjoyed this chapter.