June 01, 2022

Tubi (update 2)

I like Tubi, especially with Netflix raising prices again. I like it even more since the Roku 10.5 OS update, which seems to have addressed most of the stability issues that once plagued the Tubi Roku app. But the website needs work.

Like adding some rudimentary filters to its existing genre categories. The best that I can tell, titles in the anime category are displayed according to most viewed status overall. That means everything in the list is constantly floating around without any way to predict what got added when or where.

The list can't be sorted alphabetically, by release or acquisition date, sub-genre or language. There's no language filter for the Foreign Language TV category either. You can search on "Japanese," except the language and genre tags aren't applied consistently enough to make that a reliable tool.

So Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan (live action) initially ended up in Anime, and Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl (anime) ended up in Foreign Language TV.

Tubu has New Release and Recently Added categories, but unlike Netflix, which trickles out new titles at a reasonable rate on a weekly basis and knows my preferences pretty well, Tubi just backs a dump truck up to the loading dock.

The better resource here is Reelgood, which lets you alphabetize, sort by release year, and country. But Reelgood is not always up to date, so searches will also display titles no longer on the service while missing recent additions.

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