May 21, 2022

Hills of Silver Ruins (3/27)

The kanji for the ririki (狸力) are tanuki (raccoon dog) and "energy." In Chinese mythology, the ririki (or lili) resembles a boar with claws for feet. It barks like a dog and roots in the ground for food.

The youma species in the Twelve Kingdoms is much bigger.

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# posted by Blogger Cecilia
5/21/2022 4:18 PM   
The climax is arriving and I'm hyping so much. Apparently Fuyumi Ono wanted to conclude the saga with this book, but I feel there are certain things missing in this story yet.
Are we never going to see Kei and Tai as proliferous kingdoms? We got the darkest part of both kingdoms, but what comes next? I want to see the Golden Age. I want to see the prosperity.
Will Youko get to stablish a stable government? Will Rakushun finish college and become a civil servant? And Sekki? Are equiality laws for hanjuu going to be established?
What about the kaikyaku? They could hire Yamato engeneers and bring electricity to the Twelve Kingdoms lol
Also I wish we could get a Gyousou and Youko meeting in a secuel or something. Youko and Keiki could visit Tai after Asen's defeating and have the reunion we all clearly need and want. Or Risai having her chance to live a happy life after so much fighting omg
We need to see Kantai and Shoukei getting married too! And there were literaly a total of 3 Koukan scenes in the whole saga, wtf is this Fuyumi Ono, don't take us for granted, we want to see more of the chousai of Kei!
Also for Enki and Shouryuu, there is a scene in which Shouryuu says something i've been thinking about. He says "if I ever got bored, I'd destroy En out of spite just to see what comes next". And maybe I know him better than he knows himself, but he wouldn't do that. My personal theory is that Shouryuu will never bring chaos to En Kingdom. At some point he'll be tired of living (I mean I am at 22yo, imagine 500 xd), he might read Nietzsche and have an existential crisis or study The Communist Manifesto and get frustrated with his capitalist government, who knows. The point is he gives up on ruling, or living, or both. He goes so ahead of the curve, it all becomes a sphere. And his impulsiveness gets him, Enki is probably fed up at this point too. But what matters is that they never lose control, instead they abdicate and lay the foundation of a provisional government that shall stablish the precedent of a solid transition without corruption until the next ruler is chosen. And that is, i reckon, the best possible end of Shouryuu's and Enki's arch.
Shouryuu destroying En is consistent with his developement though. Like the darkest side of himself showing after a long mental decay. I can see it happening. But it would be absolutely tragic since he's been living for the sake of En for five centuries, it'd be like breaking his whole reason for existing.

I just needed a place to pour my thoughts on this saga.
# posted by Blogger Laila
5/30/2022 5:20 PM   
I can relate to most of it :D