August 27, 2022

Hills of Silver Ruins (4/6)

In Sanskrit, Dharmapala (護法) means "Defender of the Dharma" or "Guardian of the Law." An ashram is a spiritual hermitage or a monastery in Indian religions.

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August 20, 2022

Hills of Silver Ruins (4/5)

I've posted chapter 5 (book 4) of Hills of Silver Ruins, a Pitch Black Moon.

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August 17, 2022

Camera strolls around Japan

The following two videos were upscaled and colorized from the original black and white film. The first dates to 1913–1915, and the camera is the obvious center of attention, few Japanese having ever seen one before.

Incidentally, this footage was shot during the Taisho era, the same time period as Demon Slayer.

The second is from the late 1940s. In a couple of frames toward the end, you can pick out speed limit signs written in English for the Occupation forces.

This documentary about everyday life in Tokyo was made by a German film crew in 1966.

To bring things up to the present, walking around Japan with an HD camera has become a popular YouTube hobby, though NHK has been doing it for years with its Somewhere Street series.

You can take your own custom tour around Japan practically wherever you want. Bring up Google Maps, zoom in on Japan, pick a city, and switch to Street View.

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August 13, 2022

Hills of Silver Ruins (4/4)

The kanji for the number "one" is a single horizontal line.

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August 06, 2022

Hills of Silver Ruins (4/3)

In Hindu astrology, Ragou (羅睺) or Rahu is a malefic planet ("capable of harm or destruction, especially by supernatural means") responsible for causing eclipses.

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