Dreaming of Paradise

Dreaming of Paradise

Shishou lifted up the barely eight-year-old Sairin, revealing to her the world below. "I shall show you a dream of Paradise."

The western sun streaked across Yuunei and Choukan Palace. The countenance of the king, young both in years and the length of his reign, glowed from the rich copper glow of the Sea of Clouds. All Sairin could see in the direction indicated by the new king was the chaos left behind by meandering reign of the Late King Fu.

Yet Sairin did not doubt the words of her liege. If he was showing her his dreams, then that must be what would be.

The Kasho Kada was the Imperial Regalia of the Kingdom of Sai. When placed next to one's pillow, this bejeweled peach tree branch would reveal in dreams a vision of Kasho. Paradise.

A long time ago, the dynasty of the Yellow Emperor was foundering. In his dreams, the Emperor sojourned in the kingdom of the people of Kasho. Seeing there a vision of the ideal world, he corrected his ways.

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And so it came to be said that, through dreams, this mysterious bough revealed the form a kingdom ought to take. Shishou was saying that he would show her this dream in the flesh. He would create a "Kingdom of Kasho" in this world and give it to her.

As proof of this promise, he placed the jade bough in her hand. "I'm giving this to you. Night by night, you will see for yourself as the dream draw closer to reality.

Sairin nodded and grasped the Imperial Regalia. From her perspective, Shishou was a large man, high-minded and full of hope and conviction. The arms holding her were strong, his countenance clear. His purposeful eyes took in the ever-expanding future. Self-confidence suffused his being. He would, if he could, spend eternity in that space between the brilliant day and the slumbering night.

I shall show you a dream of Paradise.

She pressed the peach bough to her cheek. But why this maddening sense of unease? When she closed her eyes, she could still see in her mind's eye the brilliant image of Shishou and herself standing on the golden shore. In memory yet so green. Tears came unbidden to her eyes.

A dream of Paradise.

The light all but blinded her. But promises had been made. Vows had been exchanged.

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