Shadow of the Moon

From The Chronicles of Kei

The Annals of the Red Child

In the Spring of the Sixth Year of Yosei, the Reign of the Empress Jokaku, the Taiho Keiki fell grievously ill with the Shitsudou. The Capital Gyouten was ravaged by Fire and Pestilence. The Government waxed oppressive. Corruption and Calumny flourished. The Lamentations of the People cried out across the Land, saying: The Gods of War will surely destroy Kei.

In the Fifth Month of that Year, the Empress Jokaku repaired to Mount Hou and there sought Pardon from Heaven and renounced the Throne. And so she died and was buried at Senryou. Her Reign lasted Six Years. Following her Death, she was given the Posthumous Name Yo.

With the Abdication of the Late Empress Yo, Joei usurped the Throne. Joei falsely named herself Imperial Kei and entered Gyouten. The Kingdom was cast into Chaos.

In the Seventh Month of the Seventh Year, the Empress Youko, the Imperial Kei of the Kingdom of Kei, acceded to the Throne. The Surname of the Empress Youko was Nakajima, her Imperial Insignia was Sekishi, or the Imperial Child, also meaning the Red Child, she having been born a Taika.

In the Third Month of the Seventh Year, the Empress returned from Yamato. The Imperial En, Emperor Shouryuu, having answered her Petition, the Empress quelled the Rebellion at the Close of the Seventh Month, and deposed the Pretender, Joei.

In the Eighth Month of that Year, the Empress Youko ascended Mount Hou and there accomplished her Investiture. Her Name was recorded upon the Census of Heaven, and she was granted the Title of Imperial Kei. The Imperial Kei re-interred the Late Empress Yo at Gyouten, appointed six new Ministers of State, and established the Government.

The Era of her Reign was designated Sekiraku, from the First Character of the Imperial Insignia and the Name of her Friend and Confidant, Rakushun. And so was inaugurated the Imperial Court of the Red Child.

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