A Thousand Leagues of Wind

From The Chronicles of Kei

The Annals of the Red Child

Commencing in the Second Month of the Second Year of Sekiraku, a Revolt arose in the City of Takuhou, Shisui Prefecture, Wa Province. The Prefectural Governor, Seki On, a cruel Tyrant, lusted after Wealth, burdened the People with heavy Taxes, waxed full of Pride, and ruled the Countryside by the Sword.

The Peasantry feared and resented the Tyrant even as they served him, seeing and hearing no Evil, yet holding Malice in their Hearts.

At long last, in the Second Month, the publically-spirited Citizens of Takuhou raised the Banner of Shu On and rebelled. The Province Lord of Wa set forth to destroy Takuhou. Supporting him in this Course of Action, the Taisai forged Orders and dispatched Troops to Takuhou.

Her Highness, by means of those same Soldiers, struck back at the Marquis, stripped the Taisai of his Rank and Privileges, and brought Peace to Takuhou.

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