October 16, 2005

Chapter 6 (A Thousand Leagues of Wind)

Rakushun explains the creation myth of the Twelve Kingdoms in chapter 42 of Shadow of the Moon.

Ryou-un (凌雲山), lit. "skyscraping mountain," the general name for the mountains that house the palaces of the king and province lords in each kingdom.

The Japanese-style kanmuri is worn by Shinto priests and by the Japanese emperor on ceremonial occasions, as in this famous photograph of Hirohito's ascension. The kanmuri Youko is wearing in this illustration from the novel is of a more Chinese variety.

Hanjuu (半獣), lit. "half beast," a person who can switch between human and animal appearance.

The Sankou (三公), or Three Ministers: Minister of the Left, Minister of the Right, and the Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal (左大臣・右大臣・内大臣). The Ministers of the Left and Right function as the emperor's chief advisors. In terms of chain-of-command, they are each responsible for three ministries of the Rikkan (Administration, Education, Protocol, Defense, Justice, Public Works). The Lord Privy Seal is essentially the king's personal notary public. They show up in Heian Era anime series such as Otogi Zoshi and movies like Onmyoji, usually pulling the strings behind the throne.

The last Imperial Rescript issued by a Japanese emperor was delivered by Emperor Hirohito on 15 August 1945, accepting the Potsdam Declaration and ending the Second World War.

are [2] (âr, är) n. 1. a surface measure equal to 100 square meters, equivalent to 119.6 sq. yds.; 1/100 of a hectare. In Japanese, 畝 (30 tsubo or 99.174 square meters).

"Wood creates Fire." Rokuta is referring to the Chinese philosophy of the Five Elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, water (木・火・土・金・水), according to which wood (blue/green) generates fire (red).

大裘 [だいきゅう] Daikyuu
冠  [かんむり] kanmuri
延麒 [えんき] Enki
尚隆 [しょうりゅう] Shouryuu
六太 [ろくた] Rokuta
楽俊 [らくしゅん] Rakushun
舒栄 [じょえい] Joei
郊祀 [こうし] Koushi, lit. "ritual of the outskirts"
廉王 [れんおう] Royal Ren of the Kingdom of Ren (漣国)

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# posted by Blogger wombat1138
7/31/2009 3:13 PM   
The "twelve ornamental insignia" on Youko's coronation robes are probably based on the hierarchal twelve ornaments of the Chinese Imperial courts -- see http://books.google.com/books?id=tQkaNlXXFPsC&pg=PA409 et seq., for example.