December 06, 2023

Serpent of Time

The last princess of Japan's doomed Southern Court, Fujiwara Ryo has an offer she cannot refuse: a marriage proposal from her archenemy. As the shogun's royal prisoner, she'd live a comfortable life in a gilded cage. But Ryo isn't the kind of girl to take the easy way out, so refuse it she does. Then a failed revolt against the shogunate puts a price on her head and her spurned fiancé hot on her heels.

Ryo escapes with Sen, her loyal lady-in-waiting. Atop sacred Mt. Koya, Sen's uncle summons the mighty Kala Sarpa. If all goes as planned, the "Serpent of Time" will transport Ryo safely out of the shogun's reach. Except Kala Sarpa bears a grudge of its own against the Fujiwara clan and seizes the chance to even the scales. Their fates now fully entwined, Ryo must travel back to the past to save her future.

The Kindle and paperback editions can be purchased at Amazon worldwide. The ePub format is available at Apple Books, Google Play, Rakuten Kobo, B & N Nook, Smashwords and many other ebook retailers.

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Names follow Japanese convention, the surname given first. Romanization is according to modified Hepburn. Long vowels (such as /ou/) and double vowels (such as /oo/) are indicated by a macron or circumflex. Long and double vowels are held for two syllable counts.

It was common in medieval Japan for members of the aristocracy to refer to each other by their given names plus an honorific. When a shogunate retained power for any length of time, the proliferation of the same surname would otherwise become hopelessly confusing.

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# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
7/22/2022 12:22 AM   
The cover art for the book reminds me of an early 2000s tv miniseries but I can't remember the name. Would you possibly know of it. Thanks