June 03, 2007

Chapter 2 (The Shore in Twilight)

A summary of the class, rank and title system in the Twelve Kingdoms can be found in this note to A Thousand Leagues of Wind. The Daiboku is a lower-ranked baron (下大夫).

Koshou makes his first appearance (by name) in chapter 45 of A Thousand Leagues of Wind. Youko encounters him earlier, but doesn't know his identity.

路寝 [ろしん] Roshin (path + sleep)
正寝 [せいしん] Seishin (righteous + sleep)
大僕 [だいぼく] Daiboku
虎嘯 [こしょう] Koshou (tiger roar)
劉李斎 [りゅうりさい] Ryuu Risai (axe + plum + purification)
騎獣 [きじゅう] kijuu (riding horse + beast)

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