June 17, 2007

Chapter 4 (The Shore in Twilight)

The king directly commands the Imperial Army and the Palace Guard. Each province has a Provincial Guard commanded by the province lord. In A Thousand Leagues of Wind, Youko allies with the fugitive leadership of the Baku Provincial Guard (whom she had unwittingly exiled) to overthrow the corrupt government of Wa Province. She also ends up firing the generals of the Ei Provincial Guard for insubordination, after they refuse to mobilize according to her request through Keiki. This is not dissimilar from the way in which U.S. National Guard units are commanded by the individual state governors but can be mobilized by the president.

正頼 [せいらい] Seirai
花影 [かえい] Kaei

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# posted by Blogger BlckKnght
6/17/2007 1:09 PM   
I think I've found a typo that has snuck into the this chapter (perhaps with the aid of a spell checker). On page 46, the second sentence should be: "... a light that vanquished the shadows." The "that" is "than" in the current text.

Keep up the great work!
# posted by Blogger Eugene
6/17/2007 1:26 PM   
Fixed (rewrote the sentence). Thanks.
# posted by Blogger Greki
6/19/2009 5:47 PM   
I'm slightly confused. I thought that Risai in the Sea of Winds was already a Provincial General. Is the General of the Zui Province Guard a greater rank than any other Pronvincial General?
# posted by Blogger Eugene
6/20/2009 8:39 AM   
The Imperial Army consists of six divisions: three (right, left, center) belonging to the Palace Guard, and three (right, left, center) belonging to the Provincial Guard of the capital province (Zui) under the command of the Taiho. So being transferred to the Zui Provincial Guard would have been a distinct promotion.