July 01, 2007

Chapter 6 (The Shore in Twilight)

垂州 [すいしゅう] Sui Province (suspend)
紫泉 [しせん] Shisen (purple fountain)
藍州 [らんしゅう] Ran Province (indigo)
飛燕 [ひえん] Hien (swallow in flight)                                  

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# posted by Blogger BlckKnght
7/01/2007 2:33 PM   
I think I spotted another typo. On page 61, I suspect that "face" should be "fact" in the sentence:

"This face surprised her as well."

Since there was some discussion of faces earlier on that page it might actually be correct, in which case it could use a little rephrasing to be more clear. Another sentence on the same page that is a bit unclear is:

"Gradually her eye widened and grew clearer."

Perhaps "eye" should be plural? I'm also thinking that it was her vision growing clearer, but that's not the only interpretation that would make sense (her eyes could indeed become clearer to those watching as she regains full consciousness).

Anyway, keep up the great work!
# posted by Blogger Eugene
7/02/2007 3:26 PM   
You're right. It should be "fact" and "eyes." Thanks.