August 05, 2007

Chapter 11 (The Shore in Twilight)

Kantai is a hanjuu, a bear in animal form. See chapter 74 of A Thousand Leagues of Wind.

As Napoleon Bonaparte said (re: Kantai's converation with Youko), "An army travels on its stomach."

The expression "blow off a little steam" is a deliberate anachronism. The word Kantai actually uses is sutoresu, a English loan word that Youko has obviously introduced into the language of the Imperial Court, a fact the author cleverly emphasizes by "spelling" the word in hiragana rather than the customary katakana.

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8/05/2007 1:10 PM   
It seems there is a typo in the end of p.116. "...what kind of man the Royal Key is..." - should be Tai instead.