August 12, 2007

Chapter 12 (The Shore in Twilight)

漣 [れん] Ren (ripples), the southwest island kingdom
阿選 [あせん] Asen (flatter + choose)
蒿里 [こうり] Kouri (mugwort + village)
寵臣 [ちょうしん] choushin, a favored retainer; I originally translated it as "favorite son," according to this definition: "A member of a political party who is favored by the party leadership to assume a prominent role." However, considering the prohibition against hereditary monarchy, this could be sufficiently confusing that I went back to "favored retainer."

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# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
4/03/2014 12:26 AM   
what is kouri? a nickname for taiki?
# posted by Blogger Eugene
4/03/2014 8:26 AM   
Yes. Taiki Kouri (泰麒蒿里).